Container Loading & Unloading
We ensure that your containers are safely loaded and unloaded from vessels and offer our ground shipping network for transportation to a final destination. We’ll help you eliminate warehousing costs and meet just-in-time delivery demands with our transloading services. As soon as your cargo arrives to the port, it can be loaded onto our trucks and delivered directly to its destination.
Export Packing
We offer packing options for your shipments:
• Cases, crates, heavy lift crating of Any kind, pine or plywood
• Any dimensions, custom made as per your specifications
• One case, or 10, 20, 100
• Shrink Wrap and Palletizing
• Pallets or metal boxes
• Standard or one way pallets
• Custom made pallets
Contact Quantocene Logistics for a quote on any size or type of packing materials you may need. We are also happy to answer any related questions if, perhaps, you are unsure of how to best prepare you goods for shipping.
You concentrate on your business, and we’ll do your packing for you with the utmost care you would expect from your forwarding agency.