Quantocene Logistics Corporation is an international freight forwarding company that provide door-to-door logistics via Air, Ocean, Express, Next Flight Out, and Ground Freight for over 200 Cities worldwide.

We have the deliver talented resources to deliver your cargo internationally, whether you require air, ground, rail or ocean, QLC will ensure that you receive the best services ad value for your dollar.

QLC serves customers ranging from large multinational companies to small importers/exporters and local growers in industries, such as retail, chemicals, technology, government and defence , aid and relief, food and beverages, automobiles, fashion/textiles, healthcare / pharmaceutical, electronics, home and personal care, and consumer healthcare.

Chairman’s profile:

Edgar Dominguez is “An experienced Freight Forwarding Operations Manager/Project Coordinator/Master Scheduler in The Freight Forwarding, Heavy Equipment, Oil & Gas, Engineering, Construction, I.T. and Procurement & Logistics Industry. Edgar has great people skills and excellent customer service and over a decade (12+) of experience in Air freight services & Global logistics.

Your cargo and shipments is in safe hands under his guidance-ship and supervision. Edgar has great people management, leadership skills, decision-making capabilities, and strategic planning as well as sap project management skills. Edgar ensures all project participants are continuously aware of their project deliverables and deadlines. Edgar experience in simultaneously managing multiple, complex projects.

With his experience in delivering high risk, mission-critical freight and process based business solutions; Mr. Edgar Dominguez has successfully implemented new technology to meet business requirements. He possesses extensive experience in understanding and applying business strategies, as well as having successfully championed global freights to diverse destinations all over the world. He is capable of effectively communicating with technical and non-technical staff at all levels, including C-level executives. He has a robust background in project management, cargo freight, IAC, IATA, Custom compliance, finance, analysis, and risk mitigation. Edgar has thrived in roles that are both team-oriented, as well as being an individual contributor and leveraging his exceptional relationship management skills.

Edgar asses the customer’s needs and delivers a targeted solution through his industry and product knowledge. Edgar is the General Manager and SAP project manager of Quantocene Logistics, a Global Logistics and procurement Corporation that’s provides Door-to-Door freight services to over 200 cities worldwide via Air, Ocean, Express, Next Flight Out, and Road Transportation.

Edgar is very proud of the service he provides and the quality shows.

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